Your Partner

PartnerOur goal is to make you grow. Your success is ours. We work on small commissions like a discount stock broker. The only way we can succeed is to help grow your business. 


ValueWe believe value is the key to success in times like these and also in good times. The model of slotting and buy one get one free are failed policy compared with providing value at all times and exceptional value when warranted. Business that follow these policies are prospering.

We can help your business

HelpWe can recommend the most suitable vendors to supply your needs. For some it's a mixed pallet. For others it's up to a container for a single item. For many, it's a combination of both. We work with suppliers who provide service with the highest quality products at source pricing.

We will help answer your questions and provide advice ...

  • How can I market this product?
  • What equipment do I need?
  • Display ideas
  • Help with graphic design
  • Product development & sources
  • Infrastructure and money advice

Who can buy from us

WarehouseOur minimums are equal to one mixed pallet containing 1500 – 2000 pounds from one supplier. Many of our suppliers will sell mixtures of items to make this happen. If you purchase less, we will provide exceptional people to best serve your needs. Just ask!


ExperienceOur staff and our extended network have experience in: wholesale, retailing, manufacturing, restaurant, distribution, transportation, private label, graphic design, photography, music and vision.