Private Label


The Perception of Value

In times like these the stores that are making money and doing business are the stores that have real value or the perception of real value.

The perception of value is when you take the top selling items in a category and sell them at a small margin. It is an on going process offering good deals on items that are always in demand.

We offer items that are always of great quality at commodity pricing. Whether you are purchasing bulk from us or having bulk items packaged for you under your own label, you have real value and perceived value all at once.

Our Private Label Program

Now you can offer direct commodity pricing under a private label program of highest quality products usually offered only to the big value stores such as Costco, Trader Joes, and Walmart. We are not offering slotting allowances; "buy one get one free", or promotions. Simply the lowest commodity price in a package direct to you.

Savings to You

Most commodities you buy now are sold by someone like Commodity Brokerage Company to a company that packages, roasts, salts, mixes, labels, boxes and adds a big markup. We offer everything above without the big markup.