Value Sales

Apple Rings Sulfured
Apricot Turkish Sulfured
Banana Chips Sweetened (8 oz)
Butter Toffee Peanuts
Ginger Crystallized with Sulfur
Mangos Diced with Sulfur
Mangos Sliced with Sulfur
Mixed Fruit with Prunes
Papaya Chunks with Sulfur
Papaya Diced with Sulfur
Papaya Spears Sulfured
Peaches Fancy Grade
Peanuts Honey Roasted
Peanut Snack Cajun Style
Peanut Snack Original Style
Peanut Snack Sesame Style
Peanut Snack Wasabi Style
Pears Fancy Grade
Peas Fried Green
Peas Wasabi Green
Pineapple Diced with Sulfur
Pineapple Dried Cord with Sulfur
Pineapple Rings Sulfured
Pineapple Tidbits with Sulfur
Raisins Golden Select
Rice Crackers
Sesame Sticks
Sugar Turbinado
Samurai Mix
* Prices upon Request
* All products come in 12 oz size unless otherwise indicated